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For the last two weeks Josh (15) has been in band camp.  This year they chose to keep it here! Much better on our wallets, I must say…thank you.  It was a rough couple of weeks for him…well, for all of them.  Last week they met everyday Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until noon and Tueday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 until 9:00. 

This week they were at school from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.  WOW…how gruelling!  We just left their show.  They did very, very well.  There were very few stumbles and the music was very impressive! 

They had a breaktime in which they could either nap, join in on a talet show, climb the Army’s rock climbing wall and other various activities.  Josh chose not to be in the talent show but did make the comment to me yesterday when I picked him up that “Not everyone in this world should sing!”

Josh climbed all of the walls, including the expert wall – TWICE successfully!  He definitely enjoyed that segment of the camp.

He is very, very tan, tired and sore!  Hey, my first-born was one of the tallest gentlemen out on the field….man I feel OLD!!!!


Johnson Space Center

Thursday we went to Johnsons Space center. It was a long ride because of construction detours without road signs. When we finally got there it looked like everybody from Texas was there. We saw a trampolene bungy jump and got in the long line for that. It was well wort the wait. It was so much fun jumping high. After that we went to a movie about space on a really big screen. It was a bit long but we enjoyed it. Then we played in the ball tower while Grandpa watched some more movies. Grandma let us play on all the stuff all over the center. There was so much we could do it was hard to choose what was next. Later we went to anouther movie with Grandpa. That screen was 8 stories high. After the movie we had a snack and played some more. We got to walk on bungie cords and work on a chair they use for astronaut training. We also took a tram ride and saw where they train the astronauts. We got to see some real astronauts. They sure have to train hard before they go into space. We also got to see a ranch with Texas Longhorn steers. It as a really long and fund day. We got to TGI Friday’s for Grandma and Grandpas 44 anniversary dinner at 9PM. We got home at 10:30. Even though everyone (except Grandma, who was driving) slept in the car on the way home, we went right to bed. What a fun day.

Abbie is getting her turn at driving one of our Pocket Rockets!  Can you see the excitement??  We only have three more days with her before she returns to Seattle and leaves behind seven broken hearts!  Seven weeks gone already!  It will be a LONG time until December. 😦


Kiera apparently loves the new sofa!  So does Sam!

Abbie got to go horseback riding! We made arrangements for her to ride a horse! Pretty photo?  This is Earl, Abbie’s new buddy.  She had a blast but wanted to go again. The owner even let Kiki sit on the horse for this brief photo opportunity.  Her first horse ride!!


Afterwards, we stopped at some stables and petted all the other horses, even a baby!!  Oh how sweet.  We even fed them some fresh hay!  Making memories!

Kiera saw two roosters so now she does a chicken dance all day full with vocals, arm and leg movements and turnabouts!

Yesterday we went on a daytrip to Ponce De Leon Springs.  The kids all had a great time.  The water there is a steady chilly 68 degrees.  Very cool…it wouldn’t seem like it’s cold but it sure is.  We went on a couple of hikes too.  Apparently I have some kind of allergy to the spring water.  Every part of me that got water on it blistered up.  Weird huh?

Doing our own  Fireworks on the 4th of July!

Summer is definitely here! The boys are all at Royal Ranger camp so today is “Girls” day, well Daddy too!  Here are two of the girls having a “picnic” with their fried chicken.  Clever young things  aren’t they?



Enjoying the pool!



Kiera’s favorite place in the world: dirt, mud, anything dirty at all!



Let’s Jump on the trampoline! What Fun! 😉



Here is the newest addition to our family….meet Sam the CRAZEE kitten!  He has successfully destroyed ALL my houseplants (but we still love this playful little guy).

Kiera (Kiki) is definitely two now.  See her saying “no” to posing for a photo?