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Okay, I admit it – I’m pretty unusual, I give you that!  But this week I must admit I find myself somewhat bizarre.  Our family went to Ponce de Leon Springs last weekend and I broke out in a rash everywhere the water touched.  I thought…okay, I guess I’m allergic to that water, you know clean crystal clear, clean spring water.  My poor body has been through so much in the last two and half years with the surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and medicines I’m sure that something “clean” would indeed send it into shock! Well…I seem to be even yet weirder than that!


Every time something cool or cold touches my skin I welt up in a blistery rash!  Including my beloved Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper!  Oh No!!!!!!! Ice cream, Swimming, Ice cold milk! How will I ever survive??  My lips bubble up like Angelina Jolie!!! I wonder if Kevin feels like Brad Pitt?  And unfortunately my throat follows suit.  I have been drinking lots of coffee and lukewarm water the last two days. 


I have been plagued by bronchial issues the last few weeks and didn’t think much of it but apparently a bronchial virus can cause this type of reaction……Who Knew??  Very, very interesting.  Fortunately, if this reaction is indeed from the virus after it has run its course I should be “cured”.  YAY!  I am oh soooo grateful for the Internet and my dear Internet buddies who helped me self diagnose!  Yes, you know who you are!!!!!!!  J


Yesterday we went on a daytrip to Ponce De Leon Springs.  The kids all had a great time.  The water there is a steady chilly 68 degrees.  Very cool…it wouldn’t seem like it’s cold but it sure is.  We went on a couple of hikes too.  Apparently I have some kind of allergy to the spring water.  Every part of me that got water on it blistered up.  Weird huh?

Doing our own  Fireworks on the 4th of July!

Words have awesome power to build us up or tear us down emotionally. Many people can clearly remember words of praise spoken years ago. Others can remember negative, cutting words–in extraordinary detail.

Psalm 49:3 My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding.

As a mother I try to remember this daily. 

Dear Lord, help me to be the mother my children deserve. Encourage my heart when I feel like a failure. Erase my errors from the hearts and minds of my children. Instead, help them to see Jesus in me, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.







Wow!  What a stormy day!!  The power went out and the ground has standing water everywhere.  We have been praying for rain.  He answered our prayers.  Made it for an inside day though.  I got mostly caught up on all the housework.  We went to Sam’s Club, renewed our membership and got supplies for the coming week.  It’s amazing how much food we can go through in a home with eight people. 


I had the opportunity to chat with my brother David online from Iraq.  He says he is doing well, though it is extremely hot over there. Please join us in praying for him and his family, as well as all our soldiers overseas.


I hope all of you have a wonderful week.  God bless!

Today we went to the beach with Abbie and Kiera. It was a very good day.  We collected tons of shells for Abbie to take back to Washington with her.  It was a VERY, VERY hot but relaxing day.  Thank you Jesus for today…it was refreshing.

Family Handshakes


Your family is rather an exclusive club, so why not develop a secret family handshake? Shaking hands is a ritual so why not create your own playful “secret handshake” for family members only. For example, you could do a double shake (standard handshake done twice, quickly); triple snap (snap fingers three times and shake); high five (hand and palm up, clap together); or a double cross (shake opposite hands at the same time).


Play the handshake game: This is a fun game for children and parents.  Everyone adds a movement to the handshake they receive. For example, the first two people touch thumbs. The second two people touch thumbs and slide palms. The next two people touch thumbs, slide palms, and clap. The next two people touch thumbs, slide palms, clap, and clasp little fingers. Keep going around the room until you get thoroughly confused!


You can also play silly shakes: This is a fun game to play with a very young child. How many different body parts can you shake? Everyone knows you can shake hands. Trying shaking a foot, elbow, knee, pinky finger, earlobe, hair, thumb, nose, and so on.





Hi there, my name is Tammy. I thought I’d introduce you to our family. We live in sunny Florida. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, Kevin and six wonderful children. Our first three children are boys: Josh (15), Garitson (11) and Nathan (9) then came the girls: Miranda (7), Abbie (6) and Kiera (2). I was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with Kiera. It was a rough ride but she was born healthy despite everything. Six days after she was induced early I began four months of chemo, them 38 and 3 boosts of radiation, additional surgery and now five years of medication. The Lord has brought us through it well…for that we are grateful. I celebrated my two-year anniversary being cancer free in January. Yippee! Anyhow, it’s been a rough three years…but God has blessed us with six healthy children and they are a blessing.

I love recipes and photography.  I will include a lot of my recipes on this blog.

We love the outdoors and enjoy spending a lot of time outside doing activities.

This photo was taken on Mother’s Day 2008

at the beach!

Josh (15) is an aspiring musician, he plays the trumpet in Band, the guitar and tinkers on the keyboard.  He is a brilliant young man.

Garitson (11) is very into all things military, outdoors and camping.  He hopes to join into special services as a career.  He is a very loyal and faithful worker and son.

Nathaniel (9) is our little scientist, artist and farmer.  It is alway about how things work and experimenting.  His latest obsession is carnivorous plants.  We are getting quite a collection!  Very bright boy!

Miranda (7) is an adveturous girlie-girl.  She is a fantastic sister and very motherly.  She hopes to be a teacher one day and will make an excellent one.

Abigail (6) is our sweet-hearted love bug.  She definitely shows interest in the medical field and is very concerned about all our well being.  A lovely young lady.

Kiera (2) is our miracle baby.  She is a blessing to everyone she comes across and a sweetheart.  A very, very, very active one she is.