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Monday: Whole House Blessing

Tuesday: Zone Day (declutter)

Wednesday: Zone + Desk

Thursday: Grocery & Errands

Friday: Date Night

Saturday: Family Day

Sunday: Rest & Renew



Whole House Blessing


Change all the sheets

Wipe down mirrors & TV/Computer Screens



Empty trash (all over the house)



Zone Day (Decluttering)

* Water and fertilize plants, if any

* Work in current zone for 15 minutes OR 15 minutes decluttering



Zone + Desk Day

Finish any zone work or decluttering from yesterday

Make weekly menu

Balance Checkbook

File Papers

Clear Desk




Grocery + Errands

Use the menu I made yesterday to go grocery shopping

Run any other errands you might need: Post office, library, appointments, gift/other shopping, etc.

Clean Rabbit Cage



Clean Car

Clean purse

Plan a nice dinner or date tonight!



Family Fun Day

Do something fun with my family.

Don’t forget my routines!



Rest & Renewal

Do routines today, but don’t stress on other things.



Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room

Zone 2: Kitchen, Back Porch

Zone 3: The Bathrooms & one extra room (spare room, storage room, laundry room, office, kid’s room)

Zone 4: Master Bedroom & Master Bathroom

Zone 5: Living Room




q       Get up no later than 6:00 AM

q       Get kids up at 6:00 AM

q       Start Coffee Pot

q       Make the bed

q       Shower/Wash Face

q       Get Dressed

q       Makeup

q       Brush Teeth

q       Fix Hair

q       Let Dog Out/Feed Animals

q       Make sure kids are eating breakfast

q       Take medicine and vitamins

q       Check tonight’s menu/take meat out

q       Check calendar

q       Kids out the door for the bus (6:30)

q       Make Breakfast for us

q       Rescue Living Room

q       Rescue Bathroom

q       Rescue My Room

q       Rescue Laundry Room

q       Rescue Kitchen

q       Laundry check up

q       Rescue Dining Room

q       Rescue Porches

q       Snack time

q       Zone Cleaning

q       Computer time

q       Declutter

q       Reboot laundry



q       Lunch

q       Let Bandit Out

q       Feed Bandit, cat and bunny

q       Dishes round-up

q       15 minute basket clean-up

q       Laundry check-up

q       Computer time

q       Check/start dinner fixings

q       TV Time with Kiki

q       Homework with kids

q       Finish fixing dinner

q       Eat dinner

q       Wash dinner dishes, counters, and stove.

q       Sweep floors

q       Take trash out

q        Hot Spot check-up



q       Tidy kitchen

q       Dishes round-up

q       Wash Dishes

q       Shine sink

q       Check kids homework

q       Kiera and Miranda’s bath

q       Kids snack Time (7:30 PM)

q       Make sure alarm clocks are set

q       Shower time for boys

q       Hot Spot check up

q       Check calendar

q       Online/TV time

q       Pampering time

q       TV time





q       Shine your Sink!

q       Lay out your clothes for tomorrow.

q       Wash up and brush your teeth.

q       Sweep kitchen & Dining Room.

q       Clear Floor.

q       Set coffee pot.

q       Shower, Moisturize, Brush Teeth.

q       Reboot dryer.

q       Set washer.

q       Clean litter box.

Kitchen Tasks:


q       Mop kitchen floor

q       Clean microwave outside

q       Scrub walls around trash can

q       Wash chairs

q       Scour sink

q       Wipe off Sink window sill

q       Wipe off Stove

q       Wipe off Fridge

q       Wipe off Back splash

q       Wipe Out Fridge & Toss

q       Wipe spills on cabinet doors

Every other day

q       Mop kitchen floor

q       Clean microwave outside

q       Scrub walls around trash can

q       Wash chairs

q       Scour sink

q       Wipe off Sink window sill

q       Rinse out dishdrain

q       Wipe off Fridge

q       Wipe Out Fridge & Toss

q       Wipe spills on cabinet doors


q       Clean stovetop

q       Clean outside of oven

q       Wipe out oven

q       Dust

q       Straighten inside refrigerator

q       Wash trash can

q       Wash Inside Windows

q       Wipe light-switch plates

q       Straighten out silverware/utensil drawer

q       Clean picture glass

q       Clean Microwave –Inside

q       Check contents of refrigerator and give the inside a quick wash

q       Organize cupboards

q       Wipe off canisters and appliances left on counter tops

q       Wipe window sills

q       Bleach the counters and Sink

q       Wipe inside cabinet

q       Wipe fingerprints from wall

q       Restock cleaning supplies

q       Wash back splashes

q       Open windows and let in some fresh air

q       Scrub floor


q       Wash area rug

q       Dust off light fixture

q       Inventory fridge

q       Inventory condiments

q       Inventory canned goods

q       Inventory spices

q       Clean top of Refrigerator


q       Clean canisters

q       Remove cobwebs

q       Bleach trash can

q       Clean inside refrigerator

q       Polish table & chairs

q       Wash all knick-knacks

q       Clean appliances with bleach

q       Clean Edges of Sink with Tooth Brush

q       Clean Base of Faucet

q       Clean inside freezer

q       Clean drains with baking soda/vinegar

q       Clean toaster

  Master Bedroom Tasks

q       Straighten bookcases

q       Take laundry to laundry room

q       Take any dishes to the kitchen.

q       Straighten night stand

q       Clean dresser tops

q       Dust

q       Clean desk

q       Straighten up/put away things

q       Make bed

q       Febreeze


Laundry room Tasks

q       Sort laundry

q       Sweep floor

q       Fold/Hang/Put Away Dry Laundry

q       Straighten out laundry room.

q       Wash and dry laundry

q       Clean lint trap

Living room


q       Febreeze

q       Straighten up/put things away

q       Empty trash

q       Vacuum

q       Dust

q       Straighten DVDs

q       Straighten throws & pillows

q       Straighten tables

q       Straighten movies and games

q       Straighten shelves

q       Open mail

q       Dispose of junk mail


q       Straighten/Dust entertainment center

q       Clean light switches

q       Clean door knob

q       Clean TV screen

q       Clean Mirror

q       Spot clean walls

q       Clean end tables

q       Wipe down electronics

q       Wipe down front door – inside

q       Clean phone

q       Water plants

q       Empty trash can

q       Spot clean carpet

q       Dust paintings


q       Vacuum couches

q       Vacuum recliners

q       Dust door jams, moldings, ceiling corners, curtain tops

q       Dust ceiling

q       Dust fan blades

q       Vacuum around baseboards


q       Clean wooden furniture with furniture polish

q       Fertilize plants

q       Rinse plants in the shower

q       Remove Cobwebs

q       Vacuum/ air fluff drapes.

q       Wipe down lamps and shades

q       Move furniture and vacuum


q       Wash curtains

q       Clean air registers

q       Clean table and chair legs

q       Polish entertainment center

q       Clean upholstery

q       Wash Ceiling

q       Repot plants

q       Clean light fixtures

q       Clean walls

q       Wash blinds

q       Shampoo carpet




q       Empty trash

q       Check toilet paper

q       Hang up clean towels

q       Wipe down everything

q       Straighten up

q       Wipe out sink

q       Clean sink

q       Shine Faucets

q       Put away the toiletries

q       Take laundry to laundry room

q       Sweep

q       Swish toilet


q       Dust

q       Wash Toothbrush Holder

q       Clean soap dish

q       Soak toothbrushes

q       Clean toilet

q       Clean outside of toilet

q       Clean Toilet paper dispenser

q       Clean sink

q       Clean door/door knob

q       Clean soap dispenser

q       Clean mirror

q       Wipe light-switch plates

q       Clean trash can

q       Wipe door frames


q       Clean behind toilet

q       Change razor blades in razors

q       Restock bathroom supplies

q       Remove Cobwebs

q       Wash walls

q       Scrub floor around baseboards

q       Throw out unnecessary junk

q       Wash baseboards


Kid’s rooms

q       Wash/change blankets

q       Wash shelves / organize

q       Wash outlets

q       Remove Cobwebs

q       Wipe down all knick-knacks

q       Polish the Furniture

q       Vac under bed

q       Vac closet floor

q       Clean out closet

q       Dust top of mirrors

q       Wipe down lamps and shades

q       Clean Ceiling fan

q       Polish wood furniture

q       Clean light fixtures

q       Wipe door frames

q       Wash decorations


q       Organize documents and photo albums

q       Spot clean walls and cabinets

q       Clean cobwebs

q       Declutter computer

q       Dust light fixture

q       Toss out old receipts

q       Remove and clean wall hangings.

q       Polish the furniture


Zone One

Entryway, Foyer, and Dining Room.

Wash Windows

Wipe down doors

Disinfect light switch plates and doorknobs

Dust curtains

Clean windowsills

Detail sweep/mop or vacuum

Shake out welcome mat

Sweep and wash the porch

Clean the dining table and chairs – (remember the legs!)

Change the tablecloth

Change the centerpiece

Wipe down light fixtures

Dust the ceiling fan

Wipe baseboards

Spot clean walls

Clean the buffet

Clean fish tank



Zone 2


Clean out the fridge, inside and out

Clean the microwave, inside and out

Clean the toaster, change foil

Wipe down small appliances

Wipe down counters (not the daily wipe, move things out of the way, wipe, replace)

Wipe Down Water Cooler

Wipe down white cabinet

Clean dish drain

Clean the oven, if necessary

Get cobwebs out of corners

Dust cabinets & polish the outsides

Dust curtains

Wash windows & windowsills

Detail sweep/mop etc.



Windex Back Door

Shake out welcome mat

Sweep and wash the porch

Water plants (inside & out)


 Zone Three

Bathrooms and one other room.

Scrub the toilet (base too!)

Wipe down the outside of the cabinets

Declutter & wipe the inside of the cabinets

Scrub the tub

Detail clean the sink (scrub the faucets)

Toss old, empty or unloved bottles and supplies

Rinse out the crock you keep the toilet brush & cleaner in

Wash windows/windowsills/curtains, if any

Wash or replace shower curtain

Spot clean walls

Wipe down baseboards

Dust curtains

Dust bunnies



Zone Four

Master bedroom and master bathroom.

Scrub the toilet (base too!)

Wipe down the outside of the cabinets

Declutter & wipe the inside of the cabinets

Scrub the tub

Detail clean the sink (scrub the faucets)

Toss old, empty or unloved bottles and supplies

Rinse out the crock you keep the toilet brush & cleaner in

Wash windows/windowsills/curtains



Master Bedroom

Wash windows

Dust curtains

Wash windowsills

Detail vacuum

Wash all beddings

Declutter clothing

Clear dressertops

Straighten & Polish Vanity

Straighten drawers

Get the STUFF off the floor in the Laundry Room

Dust Gym

Wipe down ALL surfaces

Zone Five

Living room, or den.

Dust curtains

Wash windows and windowsills

Wipe fingerprints off doors and walls

Disinfect light switches and doorknobs

Detail vacuum

Go couch diving; vacuum out the crevices and flip the cushions

Do the same on recliners

Wash the blankets

Detail dust the entertainment center and media storage area

Declutter movies/dvd’s/games/etc and straighten them up

De-cobweb ceiling & corners

Polish furniture

Clean the TV screen, and dust back behind it

Dust, rearrange, and declutter knickknacks and décor

Clean ceiling fan

Dust Paintings

Dust lamp shades