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Okay, I admit it – I’m pretty unusual, I give you that!  But this week I must admit I find myself somewhat bizarre.  Our family went to Ponce de Leon Springs last weekend and I broke out in a rash everywhere the water touched.  I thought…okay, I guess I’m allergic to that water, you know clean crystal clear, clean spring water.  My poor body has been through so much in the last two and half years with the surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and medicines I’m sure that something “clean” would indeed send it into shock! Well…I seem to be even yet weirder than that!


Every time something cool or cold touches my skin I welt up in a blistery rash!  Including my beloved Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper!  Oh No!!!!!!! Ice cream, Swimming, Ice cold milk! How will I ever survive??  My lips bubble up like Angelina Jolie!!! I wonder if Kevin feels like Brad Pitt?  And unfortunately my throat follows suit.  I have been drinking lots of coffee and lukewarm water the last two days. 


I have been plagued by bronchial issues the last few weeks and didn’t think much of it but apparently a bronchial virus can cause this type of reaction……Who Knew??  Very, very interesting.  Fortunately, if this reaction is indeed from the virus after it has run its course I should be “cured”.  YAY!  I am oh soooo grateful for the Internet and my dear Internet buddies who helped me self diagnose!  Yes, you know who you are!!!!!!!  J