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Hi there, my name is Tammy. I thought I’d introduce you to our family. We live in sunny Florida. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, Kevin and six wonderful children. Our first three children are boys: Josh (15), Garitson (11) and Nathan (9) then came the girls: Miranda (7), Abbie (6) and Kiera (2). I was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with Kiera. It was a rough ride but she was born healthy despite everything. Six days after she was induced early I began four months of chemo, them 38 and 3 boosts of radiation, additional surgery and now five years of medication. The Lord has brought us through it well…for that we are grateful. I celebrated my two-year anniversary being cancer free in January. Yippee! Anyhow, it’s been a rough three years…but God has blessed us with six healthy children and they are a blessing.

I love recipes and photography.  I will include a lot of my recipes on this blog.

We love the outdoors and enjoy spending a lot of time outside doing activities.

This photo was taken on Mother’s Day 2008

at the beach!

Josh (15) is an aspiring musician, he plays the trumpet in Band, the guitar and tinkers on the keyboard.  He is a brilliant young man.

Garitson (11) is very into all things military, outdoors and camping.  He hopes to join into special services as a career.  He is a very loyal and faithful worker and son.

Nathaniel (9) is our little scientist, artist and farmer.  It is alway about how things work and experimenting.  His latest obsession is carnivorous plants.  We are getting quite a collection!  Very bright boy!

Miranda (7) is an adveturous girlie-girl.  She is a fantastic sister and very motherly.  She hopes to be a teacher one day and will make an excellent one.

Abigail (6) is our sweet-hearted love bug.  She definitely shows interest in the medical field and is very concerned about all our well being.  A lovely young lady.

Kiera (2) is our miracle baby.  She is a blessing to everyone she comes across and a sweetheart.  A very, very, very active one she is.