This morning we posed for a group photo and then took Aunt Debbie to the airport. Traffic wasn’t bad so we made a stop at Hobby Lobby to let Aunt Debbie look around. Grandma bought her some yarn and some Red Hot Candy for Uncle David’s snack package she sends to him in Iraq every few weeks. We left Aunt Debbie’s plane actually left a little early. Our grandparents didn’t know they ever left early. That got her to Memphis early enough to get on a flight to Atlanta without waiting. She had to spend a lot of time in Atlanta because she just missed the earlier flight to Melbourne. At least there was more to do at the Atlanta airport than at the Memphis one. On the way back to our grandparents house we stopped at Lubby’s cafeteria and ate lunch. We played when we got home then went swimming. After dinner we “worked” on our computers. Tonight we have to get cleaned-up for church tomorrow. Tomorrow night Grandma preaches at the vesper service. We get to go to the ice cream party after vespers. This is the last of our blogging. We leave Monday for our home. It sure has been fun here but we are starting to miss mommie, brothers, sister and Kevin.